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Hi welcome. My name is Wendi! I am going to post tips and tricks on my everyday life. Lots of food! We are a family of seven. Myself, Husband Adam, Four daughters Joey 19yrs, Adisynne 16Yrs and Kennidi 15yrs. My step daughter Desiree is 21 years old. Then there is baby Harrison who was born July 2019. We all have food allergies. Some of us have more than one. I like to share how I feed us all. We live in the city and have a small urban farm. On our farm we have Pot bellied pigs, goats, chickens, quail, rabbits, dogs and one rat. Traveling is a passion of ours. Above all our favorite is all things Disney World. My husband is narcoleptic with a seizure disorder. Both Adisynne and Kennidi are autistic, with other disabilities . That is to say there is never a dull moment in our house. So come along on our crazy ride we call life.

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Mom Life

The girls: Desiree 21yrs, Joey 19yrs, Adisynne 16 yrs and Kennidi 15 yrs.

The boys: Harrison 4 months

Information On

Food allergies, Celiac’s disease, Narcolepsy with seizure disorder, Autism, other special needs and other autoimmune disease.

New baby

How I cope with everything that is going on with a new baby!


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