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This is what’s in my box.

I have been dying my hair for a very long time….like decades long! I got my first (what I call) “blonde” or what other people call…GRAY!!!! When I was 15 years old. That was before I was a mommy and still in high school living with my mom. My hair color is naturally black or very very dark brown. So the “blonde” shows easily. I am the one with the darkest color hair in my family.

Adam, my fabulous husband, dyes my hair. I am way to cheep nor do I have time to go get my hair done even few weeks. So I use over the counter hair dye. I wanted to see what all the hype is on Madison Reed. So I dove in!

Before (kinda hard to see)

You fill out a questionnaire to find your color match. They call it the “hair color quiz” They ask you questions:

what is your hair texture? Fine

what is your hair type? wavy

what are your color goals? tame frizz and add shine

how much gray do you have? some

did you have trouble covering grays in the past? Im not sure

The color they determined was best for me was….Ravenna Brown 3.5NNN. It was a good match. I want to try lighter. Instead of a dark brown more like a deep brown. To see if the color would last longer. I am not ready to go way lighter. Like really blonde. One of my sisters hair is a light brown that she goes and has blonde high lights and low lights put in to help. I am not ready to do that yet! I also don’t think I look good like that. I tried it one time. Nor do I feel I am old enough to rock the gray yet!

And now we wait!

In your box you have the color, the conditioning color activator bottle, 2 sets of gloves, A cap for after you apply, barrier cream, cleansing wipe and the shampoo and conditioner. You leave it on for up to 45 minuets then rinse.

So lets get down and dirty with what I thought…….It was OK. I like the way my hair looked and felt. It was a great shine to it and didn’t have the “boxed hair dye look you can sometimes get. I don’t think it coved as great as other people were claiming. It did a good job but didn’t last as lone as I was hoping. I dyed it the first time on July 2ed. I was keeping track like I was planning on but when My son was born and the end of the month you could see the “blondes” coming through. My trouble area is where my bangs are. So when I have bangs you can’t really tell. I don’t have to deal with bangs…I have a new born.

a few weeks later July 27th.

I am not sure if the dye didn’t last as long because I was pregnant or not. I had the baby on July 31st. I did try it sense he was born but I can’t remember how long it lasted. I am going to give them one more try. Its around $25 each time. You can select when it is shipped to you. I picked every 6 weeks.

Over all I am glad I tried it. Do I think it is worth the money….No not really. Yes, it is way cheep then going to the salon and faster. but it doesn’t last as long as they claimed. I am happy that I did try them out.

I am a video of my experience on my YouTube channel.

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